Keys to renting a boat for your next vacation: an experience within your reach

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Boat rentals are an increasingly common practice among those who wish to sail and travel around the world and every day more and more people, who are not in direct contact with sailing, are interested in this type of travel. 

GlobeSailor, in addition to being the leader in yacht charter worldwide, are the pioneers of cabin sailing cruises. You can check the value of a company by checking the customer reviews section, such as on Marinemax reviews pages. 

Laura Camús, responsible for Spain and Latin America, explains everything you need to know to organize a yacht charter vacation.

What are the advantages of chartering a boat compared to other trips?

It is a way of getting to know the coasts and islands of many countries, getting close to hidden places and discovering the peace of the sea. A trip by chartering a boat or sharing a cabin cruiser allows us to discover many more places than if we did it by land and is accessible to different types of customers. 

Our customers know that they will be able to sail, discover new horizons and above all, find offers adapted to their pocket.

How much does it cost to rent a boat?

We always say that there are boats like hotels; depending on the boat and the extras, it can start at around 300 euros per person. There are all kinds of offers, depending on the dates chosen, the number of people on board, etc. In sailing cruises in cabin, we have offers of about 900 euros per person all inclusive. 

Compared to other types of trips, they would be much higher. And, of course, we have luxury trips adapted to the level that the customer wants to have on board.

In those cases it is good to review the experiences of the users with the service, in review pages like Marinemax reviews you can get a better idea of the service they provide.

What characterizes GlobeSailor’s customer service?

GlobeSailor only works with professional charter companies, chosen by a specialized team with more than 10 years of experience in the sector. And it has a specialized consultant who knows the offers to be able to offer the customer exactly what he is looking for. 

It has a follow-up of the client from the beginning of the search until the return from the cruise, adding that, in addition, the client is in contact with the charter company before the cruise to achieve greater transparency and confidence.

If there are multi-day cruises, does it mean that you are on the water for the longest time?

The boats are usually chartered from Saturday to Saturday, especially in the Mediterranean (in the Caribbean or more paradisiacal areas, charters are usually from one week to 10 days). And the client chooses how much he/she wants to sail or not. 

If you do not go with a professional skipper, you can choose your route as you see fit. In the case of having a skipper on board, they will agree on the most accurate route taking into account the weather conditions. 

In general, routes of about four hours a day are made, in the morning, to arrive in the afternoon to the places you want to visit and to be able to go ashore. But, what is really interesting is that, with the exception of the cabin sailing cruises, in the boat rental, the route is chosen by the clients within the navigation possibilities, of course.

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